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Prenett CS

Prenett CS

The GreenEarth® Prespotter
Prebrushing agent for prespotting of heavily soiled textiles, to be used with cyclosiloxane D 5 solvent, hydrocarbon or Perc.

Cleaning in perc

The solvent perchloroethylene has been used since the 1950s and is the most-widely used solvent in the world. This is mainly due to the particularly good cleaning activity against lipophilic dirts.

The discussion about halogenated solvents, health concerns and the risk of soil and groundwater contamination have lead to restrictions in the use of perchloroethylene.

Cleaning in hydrocarbon

Since 1993, hydrocarbon solvents have been used as a substitute for CFC. They are suited for cleaning normally soiled outerwear, sensitive textiles and leather. They have proven themselves as a perc-free alternative and have ecological advantages over perchloroethylene. The cleaning effect is considerably lower than that of perchloroethylene, and the spotting expenditure is usually higher. In Europe, hydrocarbon solvents are subject to the VOC Guideline that has been transposed into national law in Germany by the 31.BImSchV.

Cleaning in cyclosiloxane D5

Cyclosiloxane D5 is an alternative halogen-free solvent. In textile cleaning, cyclosiloxane D5 is known under the trade name „GreenEarth“ the use of which requires the payment of a yearly patent fee to the licencor.

The cleaning effect with normally soiled dirt is sufficient. For extremely dirty items and work clothing and also for stain removal, however, cyclosiloxane D5 shows deficiencies in comparison with perchloroethylene. Cyclosiloxane D5 has been rated very favourable according to the German Dangerous Substances Ordinance.


PRENETT CS is approved by GreenEarth and recommended to be used with GreenEarth cleaning processes.

  • PRENETT CS is a powerful but also gentle prespotting product with excellent cleaning and stain removal effects.
  • PRENETT CS is highly concentrated and thus economical in use.
  • PRENETT CS normally is used undiluted. For very delicate items PRENETT CS can be mixed 1: 1 with Cyclosiloxane D5, heavily soiled.
  • PRENETT CS contains no fragrance and is free of VOC.
  • PRENETT CS will flush out in Cyclosiloxane, Perc and hydrocarbon completely.
  • PRENETT CS additions directly into the 1st bath of the dry cleaning process will increase the cleaning effect on heavily soiled textiles.


PRENETT CS is suitable for prebrushing of textiles with care label (P) and (F). PRENETT CS can be used undiluted with prebrushing sparingly on heavily soiled areas.

1. We are advising against from spraying-application!

On light coloured textiles and textiles with care label gentle dry cleaning process (P) and (F) PRENETT CS should be used 1:1 mixed with solvent. For example: cyclosiloxane 1:1 or hydrocarbon 1:1.

Intensive coloured textiles such as silk, viscose, micro fibres or acetate are very delicate and should not be prespotted.
2. Advice
Prespotted areas after use of PRENETT A-B-C / CS if possible use compressed air; alternatively cover with PRENETT CS 1:1 with the corresponding solvent (Cyclosiloxane D5 or hydrocarbon).

3. 1st bath
Additions of PRENETT CS into the prewash will increase the cleaning effect. We recommend the addition of 0, 5–0,7% PRENETT CS per weight of the load for heavily soiled, insensitive loads.

4. Non-distilling machines
If PRENETT CS is used as prespotting agent regularly, further dosage of CLIP CSL is not necessary.

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