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Prenett MAX

Cleaning in perc

The solvent perchloroethylene has been used since the 1950s and is the most-widely used solvent in the world. This is mainly due to the particularly good cleaning activity against lipophilic dirts.

Prenett MAX

Highly effective and mild prespotting agent for textile cleaning, for spraying and brushing on.
For use with perchloroethylene.


  • PRENETT MAX has high cleaning and stain removal power.
  • PRENETT MAX is highly concentrated and thus economical to use.
  • PRENETT MAX provides a high level of safety during pre-spotting and enhances the cleaning effect of the solvent during subsequent processing in perc drycleaning machines.


For prespotting unsensitive garments, apply undiluted PRENETT MAX sparingly by brushing on. Take care of exhaustion, appropriate breathing protection and magisterial obligations in spraying-application.
For prespotting robust textiles with water-resistant dyes, PRENETT MAX can be mixed with water to ratios of 1: 1 to 1: 3.

With non-waterresistent dyes which may occur on viscose, silk, linen, microfibres, acetate and cotton, there is always a risk of localised colour changes or colour loss during prespotting. If in doubt, the colourfastness has to be tested with a white cotton cloth, soaked with the prespotting agent. If case that the cotton was coloured after rubbing the garment carefully with the cloth, do not prespot.

Prespotting of more delicate textiles we recommend the use of PRENETT PUR or PRENETT CS.


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