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Prenett PUR

Prenett PUR

Mild and colour-neutral general-purpose prespotting agent for textile cleaning.
For use in hydrocarbon and Perc. VOC-free

Cleaning in perc

The solvent perchloroethylene has been used since the 1950s and is the most-widely used solvent in the world. This is mainly due to the particularly good cleaning activity against lipophilic dirts.

Cleaning in hydrocarbon

Since 1993, hydrocarbon solvents have been used as a substitute for CFC. They are suited for cleaning normally soiled outerwear, sensitive textiles and leather. They have proven themselves as a perc-free alternative and have ecological advantages over perchloroethylene. The cleaning effect is considerably lower than that of perchloroethylene, and the spotting expenditure is usually higher. In Europe, hydrocarbon solvents are subject to the VOC Guideline that has been transposed into national law in Germany by the 31.BImSchV..


  • PRENETT PUR can be used undiluted for prespotting textiles.
  • PRENETT PUR is particularly gentle on colours, prints, and delicate textile structures.
  • Also suited for brushing onto non-delicate leather.
  • In hydrocarbon machines without distillation, additional drycleaning detergent is not required if prespotting is performed using PRENETT PUR.
  • PRENETT PUR does not contain volatile organic substances (VOCs).


Spray or brush undiluted PRENETT PUR onto extremely dirty areas and allow reacting 10-15 minutes before treatment in cleaning machine.

1. We are advising against from spraying-application!

PRENETT PUR is very mild and colour-neutral. With non-waterresistent dyes which may occur on viscose, silk, linen, microfibres, acetate and cotton, there is always a risk of localised colour changes or colour loss during prespotting.
If in doubt, the colourfastness has to be tested with a white cotton cloth, soaked with the prespotting agent. If case that the cotton was coloured after rubbing the garment carefully with the cloth, do not prespot.

PRENETT PUR can be used for prespotting in hydrocarbon machines undiluted or mixed with hydrocarbon at a ratio of 1:1.

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