Hospital Washing Machine



Hospital Washing Machine


Product Description
Ideal for hospitals, retirement and care homes, the PW6163 barrier washer, with clean and unclean sides, provides the perfect solution for processing soiled, potentially infected laundry where correct hygiene is vital.

The PW6163 integrates a number of features to ensure that the cleaning process is as thorough and safe as possible. Firstly, a dividing wall separates clean and contaminated working areas. Soiled items go into the machine via the unclean side and once the cycle is finished, items are retrieved from the clean side to prevent any cross contamination. The large doors make loading and unloading simple.

To ensure items receive only the deepest clean during the wash cycle; this industrial washing machine makes use of both thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection programs. The detergent dispensing system is electronically controlled, and an inbuilt connection allows for up to 12 dispenser pumps.

Like all Miele washing machines, the PW6163 uses the patented honeycomb drum, which not only ensures clothes receive a deep clean but are protected from fibre damage.

To give operators full control over the cycle, the PW6163 integrates Profitronic M controls. These have a number of pre-defined cleaning programs, as well as 199 slots for custom programs, enabling you to ensure items are cleaned at the precise setting needed. With ease of use in mind, these controls are quick and simple to use, a clear text display tells exactly how long the cycle has left, allowing workload to be efficiently managed.


Product Key Features
• Designed, tested, and built to last up to 30,000 wash cycles
• Clean and unclean sides for segregation of contaminated laundry
• Fully automatic drum positioning at the end of program
• A load capacity of 16kg allows you to wash even large loads

Product Specifications
Dimensions H 1705 x W 1110 x D 870mm
Load capacity 16kg
Weight 630kg
Spin speed 975
G Factor 360
Residual moisture 49%


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