Hospital Washing Machine



Hospital Washing Machine


Product Description

The PW6243 barrier washer provides the ideal cleaning solution for establishments that deal with items that may be infected or contaminated. Perfect for hospitals, retirement and care homes, this hygienic washer, with both clean and unclean sides integrates a number of features to help you rest assured items are washed to only the highest standards.

Like all Miele barrier washers, the PW6243 integrates Profitronic M controls, which gives operators complete control over the cleaning cycle. Operators can access a number of pre-defined programs, as well as up to 199 custom program slots. With ease of use in mind, these controls are simple to use, and the display screen shows exactly how long the cycle has left.

With an expansive 240 litre drum capacity, the PW6243 can process large loads of soiled items, and with Miele’s patented honeycomb drum, clothes are not only given an industry standard clean, but are protected during the cycle, preventing fibre damage. To ensure items are given the deepest clean, this barrier washer uses both thermal and chemo thermal disinfection programs.

To help guarantee a smooth process, when the cycle ends, the machine automatically positions the drum on the clean side so unloading is simple, and thanks to the large ergonomic door, loading and unloading even large items is easy.

Product Key Features
• Designed, tested, and built to last up to 30,000 wash cycles
• Clean and unclean sides for segregation of contaminated laundry
• Fully automatic drum positioning at the end of program
• A load capacity of 24kg allows you to wash even large loads

Product Specifications
Spin speed 975rpm
G Factor 360

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