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Lanadol AKTIV

Special cleaning detergents

For the care of sensitive textiles, we offer mild and still highly active special cleaning agents with excellent fat, oil and pigment dissolution properties that have been optimized for the operating conditions of wet cleaning, e.g. gentle mechanical action and cold temperature range up to 40 °C
Special cleaning and fibre protection agent with colour-stabilizing effect for wetcleaning using the LANADOL process.
Now more effective thanks to new cold power formula.


  • LANADOL AKTIV is a highly active, particularly mild textile detergent for wetcleaning using the LANADOL process.
  • LANADOL AKTIV has excellent fat, grease, and pigment dissolving capabilities and has been optimized for wetcleaning application conditions such as gentle mechanics and cold temperature range up to 40 °C (104 °F).
  • Thanks to its new cold power formulation LANADOL AKTIV is even more effective in removing tough grease, oil and pigment stains.
  • Now with improved tenside performance and fibre care finishes.
  • LANADOL AKTIV protects delicate textile fibres and particularly wool from felting and shrinking during the wetcleaning process.
  • LANADOL AKTIV has distinct colour protection characteristics; even with poor colourfastness dyes, the risk of bleeding and the risk of discolouration are considerably reduced. To the user, this means an essential increase of the process safety.
  • LANADOL AKTIV is foam-reduced; in addition to wetcleaning, LANADOL AKTIV can also be used in wool and gentle washing processes without risk of overfoaming.
  • LANADOL AKTIV does not contain VOCs.
  • LANADOL AKTIV complies with all the requirements for the environmental label „Blue Angel“.

LANADOL AKTIV is recommended for wetcleaning using the LANADOL process.
Recommended concentration: 5 ml LANADOL AKTIV per litre (0.6 ozfl/gal) of water.

For detailed information on wetcleaning, please refer to the Kreussler Information No. 25, „LANADOL – Wetcleaning in practice“.

For prespotting extremely dirty textiles, particularly for removing oil and grease soil, we recommend LANADOL AVANT; for stain removal, please refer to the DEPRIT Professional range of products.

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